Yong-Jun Liu, MedImmune, USA
Huanming Yang

Dr. Yong-Jun Liu is head of research for MedImmune, the global biologics research and development organization for AstraZeneca. Dr. Liu came to MedImmune from the Baylor Research Institute where he served as Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer and Director of the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research.

Dr. Liu has extensive translational research experience and is one of the most prolific researchers in immunology globally, with more than 230 published articles in top journals such as Nature, Science, Cell and the Journal of Experimental Medicine. His research has led to the development of several drug targets such as TSLP, OX40, ILT7 and pDC in the areas of allergy, autoimmune and cancer.

Dr. Liu is a graduate of the Norman Bethune University School of Medicine in China and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. He spent 12 years at Schering-Plough in France, and DNAX Research Institute in California. Dr Liu was recruited by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2002, where he was founding director of the Cancer Immunology Research Institute. He also served as the Chair of the Department of Immunology, building the nation’s leading immunology program as judged by top publications and grants.

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